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Confidentiality and Security

Confidentiality of users' and visitors' information is a top priority for Kafalah Program portal. The management of the portal spares no effort to provide high-quality service to all beneficiaries. Privacy and confidentiality of the information displayed below are part and parcel of the terms and conditions of using the Kafalah Program online portal.

“Kafalah" Program doesn't collect personal information about you when you visit its portal unless you specifically and knowingly choose to provide this information to us. If you do so, we will use that information exclusively to process your request for information or service as per the indicated policy. Using the Kafalah Program portal indicates your acceptance of this privacy and confidentiality of information policy.

Visitors of the Kafalah Program portal and beneficiaries of the services provided therein should continue to view terms and principles of privacy and information confidentiality. It should be noted that the portal management is not obliged to announce any updates to such terms and principles. Using the portal implies your acceptance of such terms and principles and the continuous updates made thereto.

Under any condition whatsoever, Kafalah Program disclaims all liability for any damage whether direct, indirect, accidental, consequential, special, exceptional or otherwise arising from the use or inability to use this portal.

Personal Information Security:

  • The Privacy and Information Confidentiality document has been prepared in order to help visitors and users understand the nature of the data collected from them when visiting the portal, and how to deal with such data.
  • The website management takes adequate procedures and measures to protect personal information against loss, unauthorized access, misuse, and unauthorized modification and disclosure. The following are among the important arrangements adopted by Kafalah Program to safeguard the personal information of the visitor:
    • Strict procedures and arrangements to protect the security of information and technology we use for the purpose of avoiding fraudulent acts and unauthorized access to our systems.
    • Regular and periodic updating of the protection procedures and controls meet or exceed the standards.
    • Our employees are qualified and trained to observe the confidentiality of the personal information of our visitors.

Collection of Personal Information:

  • Upon visiting the Kafalah Program portal, the Program server records the IP address of the user, date and time of the visit and the URL from which the user has been referred to the Program website. 
  • Upon being visited, most websites save a small file on the hard disc of the visitor's (browser) computer.  This file is called “Cookie".  Cookies files are text files including retrievable information. They remain there, unless deleted. Hence, the website retrieves the information included in these cookies in the coming visits. Among the information stored in these cookies are
    • Remembering username and password
    • Saving page sittings if available in the portal
    • Saving colors selected by user
    • Disallowing the same user to re-vote more than once.
  • The user (visitor) may not have to enter the password on each visit, as the site system will be able to recognize it through cookies, or it may prevent the user from re-vote if he has previously voted, and so on... Thus Kafalah Program website will use information saved in cookies documents for its own technical purposes during the recurrent visits. Also, the website may change the information saved in cookies or add new data in these cookies whenever the visitors access Kafalah Program website.
  • If you use a direct application or send an e-mail including your personal data through Kafalah Program website, we will share the necessary data with other parties or departments so as to serve you effectively. We will not share such information with non-government organizations unless they are accredited, by competent authorities, to provide specific government services. By providing your personal data via Kafalah Program website, you fully accept storing, processing and using such data by the Saudi authorities. At all times, we reserve the right to disclose any information to the competent authorities, whenever such disclosure is necessary for compliance with any government law or regulation.
  • You are solely responsible for the completion and accuracy of the information you send via our website.

Protecting Your Privacy:

To help you protect your personal data, we recommend the following:

  • Contact us promptly if you thought that someone got your password, usage code, Pin number or any other confidential information.
  • Do not give confidential information by phone or through the Internet, unless you thoroughly identifies the recipient.
  • When processing transactions through the Internet, use a safe browser and close all other application you are not currently using. Furthermore, ascertain that the anti-virus program is, always, updated.
  • If you have any inquiries or remarks about the privacy principals, you can communicate with website management by using the “communication Form" on Contact Us page.
  • Be informed that for the protection of your personal data, we use appropriate safety technologies to safeguard electronic storage and received personal data.
  • Our website may include electronic links of other sites which use different methods for protecting privacy of information. We are not responsible for the contents, methods or privacy of these sites. We advise you to refer to the privacy notifications of such sites.

Sending E-Mails:

When you ask a question, request information about a certain service or give additional information using any means of communication with Kafalah Program, whether electronic or not, for example to ask a question on our website, we will use your e-mail address to answer your questions or inquiries. We may keep your e-mail address, message and our reply for quality control reasons. We may also do that for legal and control purposes.​