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حساب النظام12/06/2023
Signed CEO and Board Member of SME Loan Guarantee Program (Kafalah), Homam Hashem, seven memorandums of understanding
NewsPageLayoutThe (Kafalah) Program Signs 7 Agreements Worth 300 million Riyals
Meer Mahar22/05/2023
By a decision of His Excellency the Chairman of Governing Council of the Monshaat Bank, Abdulrahman Bin Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Finance Guarantee Program ( Kafalah ) Mr. Abdulrahman Bin
NewsPageLayoutMr. Abdulrahman Bin Mohammed Bin Mansour Chairman of Governing Council of the SMEs Finance Guarantee Program
حساب النظام31/03/2021
Kafalah has been able to support 4,945 MSMEs through its multiple financing guarantee programs. During the Coronavirus pandemic
NewsPageLayoutGeneral Director Kafalah Saudi banks and SABIC and ARAMCO contributed to the protection of SMEs
حساب النظام15/03/2021
The percentage of requests from Kafalah beneficiaries increased to 106% after the Program management agreed to guarantee more than 1,432 financing requests
NewsPageLayoutKafalah requests rise by 106 percent and its team responds to 5,720 requests during the Covid19 pandemic
حساب النظام16/02/2021
The Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), represented by its national initiative "Nusaned", signed a cooperation agreement with the Small and Medium Enterprises Financing Guarantee Program (Kafalah)
NewsPageLayout“Nusaned” SABIC Initiative Signs an Agreement with “Kafalah” to Facilitate Financing of Entrepreneurial Projects and Sup
حساب النظام31/01/2021
5720 companies benefited from the Small and Medium Enterprises Financing Guarantee Program (Kafalah) during the year 2020, with a financing value of 12.3 billion riyals, compared to 4.8 billion riyals during 2019, marking an increase of 156 percent.
NewsPageLayoutKafalah Finances jump 156 percent During 2020 amounting to 12.3 billion riyals
حساب النظام28/01/2021
One of Kafalah's most important objectives is to motivate financiers to support the small and medium enterprises sector through financing guarantees allocated to promising sectors and entrepreneurs. 
NewsPageLayoutHighlights of a Panel Discussion Entitled (The Role of Credit Guarantee and Efforts for Mitigating the Effects of Covid19)
حساب النظام16/12/2020
Based on the continuous efforts of the Saudi Government in dealing with the effects and repercussions of Covid-19 pandemic, to take measures that guarantee the safety of citizens and residents
NewsPageLayoutEnsuring the Continuity of Small and Medium Enterprises Participation in the Economic System