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Approving the Agreement:

You should accept the terms of usage included in the website terms of usage agreement, “the Agreement". This agreement and the privacy policy represent the whole and sole agreement between you and Kafalah Program. They annul all past and present agreements, representations, guarantees and understandings related to the website and its content as well as the information and/or services provided therein. We may amend “the Agreement" from time to time without notifying you. We will publicize the latest version on the website, and you should review it before using the website.

Website Lawful Usage Policy:

Using this website is subject to the legal terms governing it. Such terms include observance of laws, regulations and behavioral norms of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or those applied in the place where you visited the website from. Specifically, you must accept NOT to: 

Use the website in a way that leads, or may lead, to infringing the rights of Kafalah Program and/or any third party.

Send, transfer or publicize information that is, or may potentially be, harmful, indecent, distorted or illegitimate; or obstruct the natural flow of information in, or passing through, the site.

Attempt to intervene in the operations of the site, including but not limited to, uploading or downloading malfunctioning files, computer viruses or damaging materials; or by using programs, arrangements or devices intended to interrupting the system of the site.

Overload the site infrastructure with excessive data leading to poor performance or breakdown of site.

Access, or attempt to access, the site using illegal means, such as false password, fake code number, impersonation or arrogating the powers of the authorized website personnel.

Intellectual Property Rights:

Unless otherwise stated on the website, we (and all related licensed parties) are the owners of the copyright (including, but not limited to, all rights pertaining to databases, registered and unregistered trademarks and services logos and signs) and all the website contents, including its organization, design and basic programs.

Copying and downloading parts of Kafalah Program website materials for non-commercial usages are permitted provided that such parts bear the trademarks of the intellectual property rights and other rights. No part of the materials on Kafalah Program website may be reproduced, publicized or redistributed without our explicit written consent. You should accept not to amend or remove any intellectual property rights trademark from any reproduced material obtained from Kafalah Program website. Ownership of trademarks, logos and services' signs (collectively referred to as trademarks) on the website (whether registered or not) goes back to their respective proprietors. Nothing on this website may be construed as licensing or giving the right to use any trademark that appears on the site without the written permission of the owner of such trademark. Infringing or misusing any trademark appearing on the website is strictly prohibited.

The website design and contents comprising photos and logos are owned by Kafalah Program. No one has the right to use them in any way.


Information or services available on or through this website are presented “as is" or “as available". So, in all circumstances, The SMEs Financing Guarantee Program “Kafalah" disclaims liability for any damages including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special and accidental damages as well as damages and losses arising from or related to this site, its usage or inability to use it. Kafalah Program disclaimer of liability covers also damages arising from the inability of any party to use it or website inability to perform, errors, negligence, stoppage of work, delay of operations and transfers, breach of warranty, default (including negligence) and responsibility for products, information and other than that even if Kafalah Program or its representative were informed on the possibility of the occurrence of such damages, losses and expenses. Rejection of the said damages is an essential element in the negotiations between you and Kafalah Program.

Privacy Policy:

Any amendments made from time to time to the privacy policy shall be an integral part of this agreement.

Links of Other Sites:

Our website includes links of other sites. We are not responsible for other sites, their contents and opinions expressed therein. We haven't scrutinized, checked or verified these sites. Linkup between our website and the other sites does not mean our acceptance and approval of those sites. If you decide to leave our website to those sites, you do so on your own responsibility.

Additional Condition:

All conditions and provisions included in Kafalah Program website, publications and printed matters are considered an integral part of this agreement.

Applicable Law:

Using this website is subject to the applicable laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All conditions and provisions included in this agreement are construed in accordance with these laws and regulations.​