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About Kafalah

​​​ ​​​​​Program Launching and Objectives

​ The Small and Medium En​​terprises Loan Guarantee Program “Kafalah​" was founded under His Excellency the Minister of Finance's decision no. (1166) dated 04/05/1425 AH, with a view to overcome any obstacle in financing SMEs that are economically viable but that do not have the ability to provide the required guarantees to the financiers.

 Kafalah aims at helping SMEs in obtaining the necessary financin​​​g to develop and expand their activities, and at encouraging the financial institutions to deal with the SMEs sector, in addition to attracting a new group of SME owner that have not previously dealt with financiers, with a view to developing the SMEs sector to realize its important role in the national economy through its contribution to providing new job opportunities, developing provinces that are least active economically.

 Our Vision

"Effective guarantees to stimulate the financing and support of SMEs that contribute to strengthening the national economy"

Our Mission

"Providing financial guarantees to enhance access by SMEs to necessary financing through strategic partnerships, national cadres and innovative technological tools supported by our knowledge bases"